About Us

About us

We make sure that your every trip is comfortable

Imopesa is a car rental company with offices in the heart of Kigali. We are a transport service company featuring both a deluxe and economy fleet of vehicles with experienced professional drivers and committed management staff to help you with all your car hire needs. Rwanda Holidays is your convenient full-service transport company that provides excellent services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with car hire services.

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Why Choose Us

At Imopesa, you will realize that what matters to you equally matters to us.

Reliability, Client Safety, Honesty, Comfort, and Timelines are what we stand for. Our professional management staff provides personalized service and attention to detail required for your special event.


Professional Car Driver


Reliable Price &


Fast Car Delivery Service


Cars with Comfort

Taking you anywhere you can imagine.

We take pride in the security of our clients since all of our cars have speed trackers to keep track of driving habits and are regularly repaired and maintained.

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+250 792 402 136